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Your Impact

Over the last few years, Team World Vision has raised over $950,000 to help improve the lives of thousands of people in the region of Menkao, Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Every $50 you raise through the Global 6K helps transform a person's life through clean, safe water. 



Progress to Date

Our water project in Menkao, Democratic Republic of Congo, started in 2017. Since then, we have:

- Increased the reach of the water supply across 2 villages over a distance of 14 km 
- Prioritized household access to drinking water to the villages of Menkao
- Increased access to drinking water across the program area to 56%
- Built 2 concrete water storage tanks with 4 connection points
- Built 3 water points in 3 schools
- Installed a solar pumping system to provide the energy for the operation of the water supply system


What Still Needs to be Done

As the project has entered its final phase, the primary goal is to bring water points closer to community members so that the distance travelled to get water is less than 500m per household. To do this, World Vision with funding from the Canadian office, plans to build 8 water points across the program area from 2024-2025, in order to guarantee sustainable access to drinking water for 2,182 households in Menkao center, including 5,912 children.