Accept the challenge: experience the actual journey that some people in the developing world have to take for water.

World Vision Canada Youth Team is partnering with Team World Vision for the 2017 World Vision Global 6K for Water, in lieu of the Water Walk. The #LiveLikeAlex Challenge is dedicated to Alex Foto, a passionate World Vision Youth Ambassador and bright light that was taken from our world on August 7th, 2014. To honor her, fill your jerry can and carry it through the 6k course and across the finish line!


1. You provide even more clean water through your registration

2. Special start wave/corral for Jerrycan Challenge participants

3. Jerrycan filled with water is provided on race day

4. Get creative as long as you do NOT use wheels, support devices or propulsion of any kind. Just hands, feet and sweat!

Alex Foto's Story

“The question of why do I do what I do is often one I get, but seldom have an answer for. I do it because this is what I feel I am meant to do. I truly believe I was put on the Earth to do, so I do it.”  Those were the words of Alex Foto, a beautiful and compassionate advocate for the most vulnerable. Alex served as a World Vision Youth Ambassador, but was tragically taken from our world on August 7th, 2014.

Before the world lost Alex, she had a dream of gathering people across the country to participate in a water walk that would raise awareness of the global water crisis. In 2015 we made that dream a reality raising over $80,000 towards life changing World Vision water projects. The World Vision Global 6k for Water is honored to remember Alex and invite all who walk or run 6 kilometers to continue doing what Alex challenged her colleagues and friends to do with the #LiveLikeAlex jerrycan challenge.

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