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Your Impact

Every $50 you raise through the Global 6K helps transform a person's life through clean, safe water. 

This year,  we are in the final stretch of the multi-year plan in the Democratic Republic of Congo to provide clean water to those in need. With this year's expansion, we're aiming to bring clean water to 3,483 more people. We're almost there Team World Vision! 


Last Year's Impact

Over the last few years, Team World Vision has raised over $900,000 to help improve the lives of thousands of people in the region of Menkao, Democratic Republic of Congo. Here's an overview of some of the progress we made last year:

Household and school access to water:
  • Rehabilitated a water point with hand pump in the locality of Kinsekwa (serving approximately 397 households)
  • Three water points built in 3 schools (reinforcing protection of 674 students against hand and water-borne diseases in schools)
  • Training of 57 community members community members on water quality control and treatment
Household and school access to sanitation:
  • Set up a local sanitization committee to manage local governance by supporting mobilization for participatory activities within the community
  • New school toilet blocks contain 2 cabins - one for people with reduced mobility, and the other for the management of menstrual hygiene for young girls at school
Community Empowerment
  • Supported design of a community development plan for universal water, hygiene and sanitation coverage
  • The development plan serves as an advocacy document for any action in this area not only for the community of Menkao, but also at the level of the entire municipality of Maluku
  • 8 women in management positions of the local water committees, are involved in monitoring the construction of WASH structures and will manage the water points made available to them for community benefit